Computer Privacy




(1) Right click on  Start Button->Properties->Start Menu-> Classic Start Menu->Customize-> Clear-> OK   {Now your address bar is blank in explorer & List of recently used softwares and applications removes from start menu list}

or (another way):- By using registry we can delete the above list many many times only by double click:-Open Notepad-> type two lines


Now save the file with the name ”norunmru.reg” (including quotes)-> Double click on file icon-> select Yes-> list has been removed from windows registry-> Restart PC-> Now we can remove list any time by using ”norunmru.reg”file.

(2) We can hide(remove) the above list permanently :-  Start-> Run-> (type) regedt32  -> press OK (Now Windows registry is opened)-> Go to   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer -> Search “NoRecentDocsHistory” in right side box->

(a) (If it is available) Double click on it-> (type) 1 (in value option)-> OK

(b) (If it is not available) Right click-> (select) New / DWORD Value-> make(or change) name of new entry as NoRecentDocsHistory-> Double click on it-> (type) 1 (in value option)-> OK

Now similarly, Create two more DWORD Values as

(A) ClearRecentDocsOnExit

(B) NoRecentDocsMenu

and set there value  1 {as above in (a) & (b)}

Now Restart your PC


***********DELETE INTERNET HISTORY*************

When we surf websites, our PC automaticaly stores browsing history like name of Sites/Images/Audio-Video files/cookies/Informations typed into forms, etc. Anybody can see all history. We can delete it :-

(1) Open IE -> Tools-> Internet Options-> click on delete (In Browsing History Option In General Tab)-> Check all Options (except “Preserve Favorites website data”)-> Delete.

(2) We can hide(remove) the History permanently:-

(a) Tools-> Internet Options-> Check “Delete browsing history on exit” (In Browsing History Option In General Tab)-> Apply-> OK.

(b) Tools-> Internet Options-> Select Advanced tab-> scroll down to Security-> Check mark on “Empty Temporary Internet Files Folder When Browser is Closed”-> OK.

(c) Tools-> Internet Options-> Select General tab-> Click on Settings (in Browsing history Option)-> Select 0 days (in History option)-> OK.

(3) In Firefox :-

(a) Tools-> Options-> Privacy-> Clear Your Recent History-> Select “Everything”-> Clear Now.

(b) (To Firefox Never Remember History) Tools-> Options-> Privacy-> Select “Never Remember History” (In Firefox will: option).

(4) In Chrome :- Settings-> Options-> Click “Under the hood” Option-> Select all Options-> Select “Everything” (In “Clear Data from this Period Option”)-> Click on “Clear Browsing Data”. Now Go to Personal Stuff-> Never Save Passwords (In Passwords section).

(5) We can also use some free softwares:-

(a) CCleaner from

(b) BleachBit from

(c) EasyCleaner from

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