Save DVD Collections In Hard Disk

There are 2 steps:-

(1) “ImgBurn” Software (By using it we can make “DVD ISO Image” for any data from CD/DVD/Hard Disk):-

Open the link   -> Click on “Download” tab -> Click on  “Mirror 7 – Provided by ImgBurn (Fast)” option -> Click Run (or save first then install) -> (after installing it) We can use this software-> double click on “ImgBurn” Icon on desktop-> (a) Click on “Create image file from disk” for Creation from CD/DVD, (b) Click on “Create image file from files/folders” for Creation from Hard Disk -> Select source (In case of Hard disk only) & destination (In Both cases)-> Click on Icon below the dialog box.

(2) “Imdiskinst” (By using this DVD Emmulation Software, We can use Image files as Virtual DVD):-

Open the link  -> Click on “ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver” option (in “On this page” option)-> Click on “Download ImDisk version 1.4.0 install package”-> Click Run (or save first then install)-> Click on “yes” option (to Install Imdisk driver in control panel) in ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver dialogue box->

Now Go to Control Panel-> Double Click on “ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver”-> Click on “Mount new” button-> Select Image file browsing button in”Mount new virtual disk” dialogue box-> Open File (created from “ImgBurn” Software)-> OK-> Now Virtual DVD will be display in My Computers as CD Drive (I), CD Drive(J), CD Drive (K), CD Drive (L) etc,

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