Send or Share Heavy Files

By using email We can send Files upto 20mb only.

But We can Send/Share Heavy Files (more Than 20mb) By using these Softwares:-

(1) Pando :- This is absolutely free Software and no registration is required, just install Pando and attach files (upto 1GB) in email id. The software can be download from :-

(2) Sendspace :- By using it, We can send a single file upto 300MB to anyone. It is easy and free, no registration/login  is required. Only receiver is required to have any email id. This service can be used from :-

(3) SkyDrive :- By using it, we can share files upto 25GB, but only hotmail users can share files. i.e., sender and receiver both have hotmail id. Just login hotmail id and go to skydrive then go to sender’s skydrive then share or download files.

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