Use Hindi Language in PC

Some time ago, Hindi language could have been used in PC….only by putting hindi font in PC and whereby the data is visible in hindi but store in english. Therfore, when we were send a Hindi data file to anyone, the person cant read it unless they have hindi font.

But today We have “Unicode” Encoding System. By using this system we can view & store data in Hindi. Besides it, Hindi data also can be read in Mac OS / Linux OS.

We can use Hindi :-

Temporarily(i.e., simply, without using any setting)

 or Standardized Technic(for every type of work in Hindi):-


Activate procedure:-

(1) In Window XP:- Start-> Control Panel-> Regional and Language Option-> Languages-> Click on “Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages(including Thai)” option-> Apply-> OK( In New Dialog Box)-> Insert Window XP installation CD-> (After coping process is complete) Click on Details-> Add-> Select Hindi Option-> OK-> Click on Language Bar… option (under Preferences option)-> Tick on “Show the Language bar on the desktop” if  no tick mark shows-> OK and close all the open Dialog Boxes. 

Now We can see EN & HI option in Taskbar, It means Hindi Unicode is activated in our PC.

(2) In Window Vista/7:- Start-> Control Panel-> Regional and Language Option-> Region and Language-> Click on “Keyboards and Languages” Tab-> Change Keyboards-> Add-> Select Hindi (India) Option-> Click on “+” mark-> Select “Devnagari-Inscript” keyboard (Because Indian Standardized keyboard is Inscript, But we can select other 2 options -Traditional for old type typing or US for Hindi typing by using roman)-> OK.

Now, Language Bar available in Hindi.

Note:- No need for CD in Vista/7 ,  because many languages are already available in these systems.

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