Improve ur net speed‏

7 ways to improve ur net speed:-
(1) start->control panel->automatic updates ( these updates will work only in genuine window)
(2) Internet explorer->Tools->Internet options->Delete Temporary Files , Cookies
(3) Start->Run->Cleanmgr
(4) Start->Run->dfrg.msc->Select C Drive->select defragmenter
Remember-> (4) option always use after (3) to receive better results

(5) Start-> Control panel-> System-> Advanced-> Performance-> Settings-> Advanced-> Virtual memory-> Change-> Type needed memory (according to ur requirement) in Initial size option-> set-> OK-> OK.  (Virtual memory is alternative memory. It can be use when you feel RAM memory is insufficient).

(6) Right click on desktop-> Properties-> Settings-> Reduce Graphics Settings (Color quality) to 16 bit.

(7) Install Latest Device Drivers according to your windows from hardware manufacturing company’s website or from

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