Create/Edit Audio Formats & Record Chat as mp3 file

Download audio from Youtube video:-

(1) Copy URL of Youtube video

(2) Open

(3) Paste that link

(4) Click on “CONVERT TO MP3” button

(5) Click on “Download Now” button after conversion is complete.

Audio Cassette songs(or any audio) save to PC in any format:-

(1) Attach cassette player to PC with Input-Output cable

(2) Cable’s one side in Output Socket of cassette player and other side in Input Socket (Sound Card Input Socket, Generally of red colour) of PC

(3) Open “Sound Recorder” from Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder

(4) Play audio in cassette player

(5) Click on record button in Sound Recorder

(6) Click on Stop Button whenever you want

(7) File can be convert in any audio format.

Record any sound in PC:-

We can record any sound in PC. e.g., At the time of listening songs on net, At the time of video chat, At the time of Live speech, At the time of listening web radio. etc.  by using “Aktiv mp3 recorder” software from

This software is also useful to record sound from:-

(a) Some part of Heavy files

(b) Sites which does not allow copy files (It is possible because the software records sound at the time of play of sound from sound card) (but remember, dont record any sound of copyright/piracy protection/copy protection, because it is illegal).

Steps to use this software:-

(a) Launch it before whenever you want to use it

(b) Click on browse button and set save location and name of file

(c) Play any video, song. etc.,  and press immediately record button in active mp3 recorder at the time of start of song, video etc.

(d) Click on Stop Button whenever you want

(e) File has been saved on the your set location

Conversion of audio files:-

Audio files have many formats like mp3, wav, wma, ra, rm, rma, au, aiff, mmf, acx, midi, xgp. We can convert audio files in any format from any format by using any of these websites:-

{shortlink of this post is }

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