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Why Android Phone Slows Down Over Time And Solutions For The Same:-

Android phone slows down over time When you buy a new android device it will work as smooth as ever and give high response time. But after couple of months it start becoming slow down as snail. In the beginning when android phone coming with low on internal memory at that time we can understand about slowing down the android phone slows down over time. But now a days smartphone comes with high internal memory then to the results are same.So let come to the point and get start with causes and their solution :

Not enough memory :

In earlier times as mention before android devices are running low on their internal storage and RAM memory. So at that time it was ridiculously obviously your android phone slows down over time. You can check you internal and external memory capacity and used memory information in Setting > Storage.

I want give little focus on working of android memory workspace. RAM memory is memory where your android OS loads when you start up you android device. Once it occupy required space to use it for running android OS then when you open another application it will take remaining space and quire space it requires. So int this scenario when you open multiple application device running on low will suffer from memory starvation and remove unused application so it will take time. But when sometime all application are critical then it becomes really very critical for OS remove process from memory.
Here solution is simple remove the application you are not using and also taking up lot of memory. This will help you out in getting more space resources to run your android device smother.

Program/Services running In background :

This is the most important aspect to considered to limit your data usage as well as memory consumption. You can find this setting under System Setting > Background Data OR System Setting > Add Account. This application have option of auto sync. Deselect this option from all application just keep auto sync unable for those which are necessary. This are application start with your operating system start and running on background to fetch data and sync it with your device. Some example of application are : Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp, Outlook,Skype, Twitter,Candy Crush etc. So in order to run in background it occupy your memory. Apart from that it also consume you internet connection much more and will affect your battery life.
So only keep track of this processes and only unable auto sync for that application that you really require. It will help to improve your memory efficiency as well as battery life of your device and prevent your android phone slows down over time.

Disable Or Uninstall unused applications:

Generally what I have personally observed in majority of people they install application as they are not goign to use or for the sake of others. This will unnecessarily increase load of processes on memory of your device. In large application also data and some part of application can be moved to external memory card but still important part is still stored in phone memory. So better to stay away from large application and avoid as long as possible.
Apart from this if you don’t want to uninstall applications then just to avoid memory consumption you can also disable them. To disable them you can go to System Setting > Apps > Manage Apps OR System Setting > Apps. Now you can see list of applications. Tap on application which you want to disable there you have button labeled disable. You are done disabling your application.

Clear your application caches :

In android you have something call as preferences which saves application specific setting. This means when you last time make some changes in application. After you open that application all your changes are intact. Since in android each application have it’s own catch. If you want to see that go to each application in System Setting > Apps > Manage Apps OR System Setting > Apps there you have various option. Scroll down a bit. There you have button labeled clear catch. So each application have it’s catch that as to be managed in device catch or it makes create catch portion on memory card device. After using this application catch tends to improve and consume more and more memory and your android phone slows down over time.
Hence it is advisable to clear your cache time to time which will prevent your android phone slows down over time.

Turn Off Live-Wallpapers And Animation :

As mention earlier all application takes out memory usage and other resources. Live wallpaper are also application that makes your home screen attractive. But it also comes at the cost of consuming memory and battery. Animation are another kind of processes that has to run continuously run in order to make effect as when certain even occurs. So it turning of live wallpaper and animation will help you out to improve memory efficiency as well as battery life.

Turn Off Maps and Habit to kill :

Maps are Google maps. Google maps usually use GPS to locate your location for the time being. This uses havy data usage and lot of memory to get the work done. It have it’s advantage like you can user Android Device Manager that locate your lost phone. Apart from that all the application are not closed even they are not running on front. The best example for this type of application is Music Player. Even if you come out of Music Player then to it remains in processing in background. So just user best but only one task killer because task killer itself kills other application but need memory to run itself. You can user Android booster or task killer to do it on one touch which will prevent your android phone slows down over time.

Reduce screen usage and widgets :

Reducing screen usage is necessary since display consume more of your battery and to control display android OS consume more memory. Since this part is controlled by OS itself we cannot do much. But we can avoid using multiple screens. What I mean to say is do not user more shortcuts on your home screens. Since they are indirectly connected to your original application. Android OS have to keep links for that shortcuts, since user can use them any point of time. As same applies for Widgets. They aslo take up more memory. Use only those which are necessary to use and remove which are not useful.This will prevent your android phone slows down over time.

So here are all causes that make your android phone slows down over time. By keeping some tips like clearing catch data, remove unused application ,Widgets, reducing display usage, disabling applications,avoid live wallpaper usage etc will help to keep your android device work efficient and avoid your android phone slows down over time.

So that’s all for this topic thanks for reading. You can leave your comment below for this article. Stay tuned for some more information.

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